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Her View From Home: 25 Ways To Read More In Your Everyday Life



People ask me all the time, how do you read so many books? The answer, I read all the time. When there’s a minute of down time, that’s when I read a page or two. Here are 25 tips to help you read more.

1) Start your day reading one poem out of a book of poetry.


2) Try new-to-you genres. Maybe you’re reading the wrong thing.


3) Read a BIG variety of books.


4) Reading your Bible is a spiritual discipline – find the best time of day for you to read Scripture.


5) Try a Bible reading plan.


6) Find a group – online or among your friends – to read the Bible with you.


7) Save lists of books shared in blog posts or on Facebook. People don’t recommend books they don’t like.

To read all 25 ways to read more in your everyday life, read my latest article at Her View From Home. 

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