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I enjoy thinking back on some of the things our daughter said when she was first learning our language. She enunciated well, but the words weren’t always quite right. Even still, she uses the word “literate” incorrectly. She will come home stating dramatically, “It was literately so hot today, I... Read more →

Click on this link if you missed the companion post to this one, The Books of My Summer (So Far). Fall is here! I've downed two pumpkin lattes so far and the pumpkins in our garden are ripe for the picking. For my last summer hurrah (!), I want to... Read more →

Readers, Enjoy this entire post and look for the giveaway at the end! She walked into the room and her eyes quickly took in the situation. Did she know anyone? Was there an empty chair? Had she brought everything with her she would need? It was her first time to... Read more →

She tries it out from time to time. I suppose she’s forgotten my pat responses. My daughter will get this pouty look on her face, cross her arms or stomp one foot, and exclaim, “It’s not fair.” And I’ll answer her in one of two ways; “Life’s not fair, so... Read more →