Guest Posts

When I was a little girl, thinking about my future family, I planned on being famous (of course), marrying a knockout husband, living in a huge mansion and mothering nine children (I was an avid baseball fan, so I wanted enough children to form my own team). Well, in my... Read more →

I'm delighted to share this piece over at Her View From Home. It's a wonderful, supportive group of writers, and you'll find lots of other great material there. *** Birthdays have a way of coming around every year. In a few days, we’ll cook up your favorite meal, put candles... Read more →

I haven't had a guest post on here for a while, so when Aimee at DIY Darlin contacted me about writing a piece for my readers, I readily accepted. One of my favorite parts about blogging is the huge variety of articles you can read and enjoy. Here, Aimee gives... Read more →

Every time we break bread together in the homes of other believers, I remember the time I broke bread with Jesus on the evening of his resurrection. Cleopas and I were headed to Emmaus. Truth be told, we were really headed anywhere but Jerusalem. We had watched his crucifixion from... Read more →