How about we ditch this whole hometown wedding thing and get married in Greece? These were my now-husband’s very words to me about two months before our wedding. Although our engagement only lasted six months, he was already done with the planning and the waiting. Dangling a trip to Greece... Read more →

Julie Andrews sang about them in Sound of Music. Oprah gave them away for years on her talk show. Their favorite things. Well, I'm nearing a big accomplishment on Facebook - 1000 likes on my blog page, and I'm celebrating the final push to reach this goal! I want to... Read more →

Photo credi: Everton Vila ( We don’t read a lot of ordinary-time-stories in the Bible. Its divinely selected stories are about God taking action. 400 years of silence between the Old and New testaments, and suddenly God is sending out angels everywhere, a barren women gets a plus sign on... Read more →