Preparing You

Photo credi: Everton Vila ( We don’t read a lot of ordinary-time-stories in the Bible. Its divinely selected stories are about God taking action. 400 years of silence between the Old and New testaments, and suddenly God is sending out angels everywhere, a barren women gets a plus sign on... Read more →

Photo Credit: Alan Labisch ( Recently, a reader gave me some feedback on a piece I wrote. In it, I briefly mentioned my dad not attending church. Actually, I have always said if I ever write a book, that would be my opening line: Growing up, Mom took us to... Read more →

Costco doesn't sell grape jelly. Every now and then, I swing by the particular aisle where they stock oversized containers of peanut butter and jelly, to see if this has changed. We purchase our grape jelly in bulk from Gordon Foods. I did some holiday shopping there and picked up... Read more →