Preparing You

Photo Credit: Ben White ( I wrote a letter first, in 2015, to women who go to church alone. To date, it’s the Traces of Faith post found most often through search engines. Then, shortly thereafter, I decided to write one to moms who are going to church now, and... Read more →

When I was a little girl, thinking about my future family, I planned on being famous (of course), marrying a knockout husband, living in a huge mansion and mothering nine children (I was an avid baseball fan, so I wanted enough children to form my own team). Well, in my... Read more →

You are my place. Right beside you, seated at the computer researching the next thing. A life of patience learned from watching you consider all the angles- the only end result that matters is your enthusiasm and satisfaction- I'm always wanting these things for you. Across the table from you... Read more →

Many Jews recite the Shema prayer twice daily. Parts of the Shema are written on a small scroll which is then rolled up and put inside a mezuzah case and affixed to the doorposts of a Jewish home. Eastern Orthodox Christians wear a small, woolen prayer rope on their left... Read more →

Photo Credit: Jesse Orrico ( I told her Kate DiCamillo was on my Facebook feed, and she assumed that meant we were friends. We’re not, of course, in the traditional sense. We’ve never met up for coffee, and she doesn't text, “It’s been too long. Let’s get together soon.” Actually,... Read more →