Doing God's Work

May I forever be a church lady, Delivering meals, throwing wedding & baby showers; Crying at baptisms and beaming with pride When one of our kids plays in the worship band For the very first time. Sending cards-both get-well and sympathy; Calling to check on those I've been missing; Making... Read more →

Photo Credit: Ben White ( I wrote a letter first, in 2015, to women who go to church alone. To date, it’s the Traces of Faith post found most often through search engines. Then, shortly thereafter, I decided to write one to moms who are going to church now, and... Read more →

This is my fourth and final response in the “Why I Go to Church” series. You can read the first post here, the second response here, and the third here. These articles are my response to a reader who reached out with some honest questions about the importance of church... Read more →

Writing is a funny thing. Often, there’s no way of knowing who reads the material you’re putting out in the world-wide-web. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spoken with someone and they’ve referenced a certain piece I’ve written, or simply mentioned they read my posts. Way more than... Read more →