Lessons from Bible Study

This is part two in the “Why I Go To Church” series. You can read the first post here. These articles are my response to a reader who reached out with some honest questions about the importance of church in a believer’s life. I’m breaking his original email down into... Read more →

I have conversations with many of you about where to start in your Christian faith. Maybe you’re a new believer or God has given you a renewed hunger for more of Him. Guys, you people are my favorite!! So, today, I’m reflecting on my beginning. Let’s journey back to the... Read more →

Every week at the end of Bible study, we share prayer requests. How wonderful to be in a group of women who pray for one another. Last night, we were going over the requests from each lady and one woman shared this: [Pray that] Isis stops the madness. Sometimes I... Read more →

I have a mommy friend who challenges my thinking every time we visit. She doesn’t do this intentionally. She’s comfortable sharing her opinions and often she’s given more thought to a topic than I have. We found ourselves at McDonalds Playland once. Don’t judge. (If it makes you feel better,... Read more →