Traces Of Faith From The Beginning

Growing up, Mom took us to church but Dad didn’t go. For years now, I have said that if I ever wrote a book, that would be the opening line. Because in pretty much every feasible way, I can trace my faith life back to that statement. 


The church Dad didn’t go to was a lovely one. One of my first Sunday School teachers was a beautiful older lady named Evelyn. I can still see her laugh. We met in a small room under the stairs, and with the assistance of a flannel board, she taught me and maybe three other kids Bible stories. I never really noticed Dad didn’t attend church with us. Baptisms came and went, Vacation Bible School programs, parts in plays, Bible drill competitions, all without the presence of my dad. Mom had a way of making that OK.


Now, I want to establish right up front that my relationship with my dad was OK too. Not perfect, but good. I remember a few Sundays when he would ask what we learned at church. He seemed fine with us going, so long as it didn’t include him. I like to think, need to think, he tried to forge some relationship with God over the years. He just didn’t do it in a local church.




Fast forward to today. I serve as women’s ministry coordinator at my church. Still reveling in those Bible stories I first learned years ago. I minister to  women who have their own daddy stories. We share a common love of Scripture (and secretly, I just know my Bible teachings would be enhanced if I could get my hands on a flannel board). Part of my role is figuring out how to gift these women with God’s Word. We have numerous Bible studies, online and face to face, a group of us reads the Bible chronologically together.


As sisters in Christ, we aren't Bible experts, but together, in our little community, we are discovering it and solidifying relationships with each other. And the impact in our lives excite us! 


All of this background to tell you a bit about why I am starting this blog. Yet another blog. Because looking back, I see traces of God all over my life. Growing my faith in such a way to prepare me to minister to women who also have dads, giving us a whole world wide web to study the Bible together and now prompting me to write it all down. Not because the world needs another blogger, but I believe the work He has done in my life is meant to teach others. If I know my God, I imagine the stories I’ll share are your stories too. The lessons I have learned, you have learned, are learning or will learn. So, invite your mom to join us and I understand if your dad doesn’t go. Let’s find traces of God throughout our lives of faith... together.


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