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My husband is an engineer. And some of you just chuckled. Shortly after we got married, we had dinner with two other couples Ryan knew from his work. Husbands all engineers. We swapped stories and discovered, by and large, our men seemed cut from the same mold.


I found his engineering traits endearing when we dated. He doesn't snort when he laughs and I have yet to see him wear a pocket protector, so how bad could it be? I remember sharing stories about him one afternoon with my Bible study teacher. Great stories about how careful he was with his money. She looked at me, smiled and said, "The qualities you love now might be the very qualities that drive you crazy someday." Hmph. What did she know? Actually, now that I think about it, I think her husband might also have been an engineer....


So what qualities am I referring to, you ask? Well, "qualities" seems a fitting word, because "quality" could be my husband's middle name. For we cannot make a purchase without first considering a product's quality. And to adequately judge quality, we must research many, many types and brands of the same product. His friends know this about him. And rather than do their own research, often they just shoot Ryan an email to get his recommendation. Faster and a guaranteed win. Yet another endearing trait, the man is hardly ever, ever wrong.


Quality is the Best Quality #marriage


My daughter just lost her waterproof mittens. About a month too early. Actually, I think I misplaced them and we'll find them in July, but for now - lost mittens. The other day, I tried, desperately, to do a quick google search and purchase an inexpensive pair of mittens before my husband came in from work. Until, suprise! He arrived home a half hour early.


He walked in, offered a hug and kiss, and said, "What are you looking up honey?" A week later, still no mittens on the way. But research for said mittens should be complete by next winter.


My husband isn't tight with his money. He gives generously and we live a good life. The hang-up comes when a product comes into his home, or in his garage, or on the property. Because for the life of him, he cannot figure out why a person would want something that wasn't quality. If you can somehow find the best quality item at a sale price, all the better. If not, spend the money.


We do have nice things. And I appreciate that. Don't get me wrong. I can just see some down sides to this way about him now that I couldn't see through my early-days-lovestruck eyes. For instance, I bought a new winter coat the year we dated. He helped pick it out and the coat is quality. Twelve years and counting now without showing any signs of wear. But what fashionable woman in her right mind wants to have the same coat for twelve years?


We built a house together. Ms. Spontaneous and Mr. Practical. Our marriage survived. No little pig or big bad wolf could damage our abode. We have a concrete compound. Very energy efficient and all that. People ask me questions all the time about the details of the house. I smile... and mumble. Because I don't know the answers. I can kind of, sort of, repeat things I have heard him say. But I don't know what they mean.


I can tell you I got the most amazing kitchen, where most of my world happens. The colors in the house are gorgeous. And somehow, the sun hits our steel roof at a perfect pitch; best sunlight exposure in the middle of winter and the least amount of sunlight exposure possible in the summer. All planned and all for a reason. I think.


Yes, I knew what I signed up for when I married my husband. And a thousand times over, I would do it again. I also know my Bible study teacher all those years ago, she had a point. What I wouldn't give to decide to buy a new couch today, go to the furniture store and say "give me what you got." It's not going to happen.


And when I try to question this quality trait in my husband, he gets me every time when he says,

"But why would you complain about that? I only want the best and I chose you."



Day 4 of Conversion Diary's 7 Posts, 7 Days Challenge.



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