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“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1

Jesus is the Word. A mystery to be certain. When we pick up our Bible and read the Holy Scriptures found inside, we encounter God.


For the Word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12

And this Word, Jesus, the Bible, is alive and active. Like no other book. Reading it changes lives. For centuries, believers relied on priests to teach them from this Word. Now, more than ever before - such power God has granted us - we can read it ourselves! 


But we don’t. In astonishing numbers, Christians try to live a life of faith without the Word. Without Jesus. Living and active. We make excuses; too busy, it’s boring, the language is outdated, the Old Testament makes no sense, my pastor teaches me everything I need to know. The. Word. Was. God.


I grew up reading my Bible. I wouldn’t say I loved it. Many times in my life I preferred to read from a devotional instead of Scripture by itself. And those devotionals are wonderful. They give us thoughts to ponder, application to understand Scripture. Also commentaries, Christian books, Internet articles, blogs.... all good.  


As supplements to reading your Bible.


He Just Wants More #quiettime #biblestudy


As I matured in my faith however, God began a work in me. I went from knowing about Scripture to allowing the Words to penetrate my soul and spirit. From Genesis all the way to Revelation, I began to see Jesus everywhere. And where I didn’t see Him, I saw our great need for Him. The Old Testament, what a masterpiece! Over and over, God took a stubborn people He had chosen and redeemed them from themselves. Not much different from today, is it?


I want to drive home the fact I did not always love Scripture. Through participation in Bible study, hours of reading on my own and learning from the supplement material, I am now wild about the Bible. And God feeds that passion. He opens up truths for me I hadn’t previously noticed. After being a believer for 32 years, finally Leviticus fascinates me! Not every verse of every chapter, but I realize now how much of the Bible is impacted by page after page of these rules and regulations. God reveals Himself in every single detail.


I heard a speaker a few months back who believes strongly in every Christian reading the Bible from cover to cover. Repeatedly in his or her lifetime. She does not recommend using a study Bible or accessory materials. Just read from Genesis to Revelation and trust that God will reveal what He wants you to receive. I always enjoy hearing her perspective when she speaks to a group I attend.


After her last talk, we spoke for a few minutes. I have wondered for a while now if I have a greater interest in the Bible because of my gift of teaching. So I asked for her thoughts on this. She thinks every believer should love their Bible. They should have a desire to read it and learn from it. The Word was God.


I am still thinking through my question. I do believe in the power of God’s Word. I think we as the global church should know our Bibles much more than we do. 


Our church supports a ministry that translates the Bible into a native language that didn’t have their own version. At first, these people only had copies of the New Testament, only a portion of Scripture. Now, in the last few months, they are printing their first copies of the Old Testament. Can you imagine how hungry these people will be for more of God’s Word? In the case of this group of people, they are actually mentioned in the Old Testament. And finally, they can read it for themselves! Then pair that with the knowledge they already have of the New Testament. They are sure to be on fire for Jesus. The Word. 


I pray we have that same desire. As I continue to ponder my question, are Bible teachers given a greater interest in God’s Word, one word keeps coming to mind.  




I have a passion for learning God’s Word. Few things get me more excited than discovering a tie from one story to another I hadn’t noticed before. I grew up in some pretty conservative churches, but learning new truths in Scripture on Sunday mornings just might be the catalyst that gets me to jump out of my metal chair and yell, “Yes, Jesus!” 


Some of this might come from God’s gifting me as a teacher. But it has grown in me over time. And that is where my word comes in - more. Still today, I want more. And I think God wants that desire from you as well. If you consider your Bible knowledge to be ultra basic, moderate familiarity or great depth; wherever you are now, I believe He wants you to crave more. More of the Word, which is God.



Day 7 in the 7 Posts, 7 Days Challenge.

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