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Top Ten Signs You DO Have a Leg Hugger


After my non-leg hugger post, I heard from several of my friends who knew exactly what I was talking about... mainly because they have total-leg huggers. One friend even labeled them “wanna’ crawl back in the wombers!” Sometimes we can best recognize what we don’t have ourselves. 


So, Renae, Dana, Sarah and many others, this list is for you. Actually, it’s written by you as well. I don’t relate and one can’t make this stuff up!



Top Ten Signs You Do Have A Leg Hugger

Top Ten Signs You Have A Leg Hugger (aka wanna’ crawl back in the wombers)


1) The mom is a human jungle gym. (editorial note: my love language is so not touch and I would struggle with this one)

2) They stand right at your feet and try to crawl back in... but just during the singing at church.

3) Said child literally sticks his or her head up your shirt to avoid eye contact with anyone. And I am not talking oh, I will just burrow my head into you for a while... crawling in your shirt.

4) You have no reason to do your hair because they just mess it up with the over-loving.

5) You can try the nursery - but again it will be met with a screaming, crying child who is trying to crawl back in or up your shirt. And the poor nursery workers have to peel the child off mom and everyone feels violated after the whole episode.

6) Your husband is actually ticked off during church because he also would like to touch his wife but their children are velcroed to her.

7) After church, the mother looks significantly more disheveled and ragged than when she walked in the door (remember #4 where the mother saw no reason to really fix her hair in the first place).

8) You have to convince people they actually DO know how to talk as they stare or hide their faces when anyone talks to them.

9) The church Christmas program... Ummm, yeah, often they don’t actually do the program. It’s not worth it.

10) These kids don’t just save this behavior for Sunday. They check in from sun up to sun down every 5-15 minutes like clockwork to make sure you haven’t disappeared. 

 “Mom? Mom? Mom!” they shout. 

 “What?” Mom replies.

 “I love you,” comes the response. 

I suppose bottom line is our children develop an attitude all their own. Thanks, ladies, for sharing some insight into how the other half lives. 


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