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A group of us women had the pleasure of attending a Passover Seder with a completed Jew, Sarah, and her family. So much unknown but a beautiful evening. As I prepared for the event, God placed Rahab on my heart. I shared these sentiments at last night's Seder.



Your name is listed on the greatest Hall of Fame there ever was. 

Rahab of Matthew 1.

Four women among men.

And yes, listed in Hebrews’ Faith Hall of Fame as well.

Rahab the prostitute. A label not lost after thousands of years.

You found yourself a stranger at the Seder table too.

A foreigner to all things Jewish.

What a wonder God chose to traverse across wilderness and wild river to find you!

A harlot.

Wearer of a scarlet letter.

As you and your family celebrated a first Passover;

Did you feel so alone?

Your friends and leaders lost among the ruins of Jericho.

Did the women include you in the preparations?

Oh, I know how women can be!

Knowing your past, did they ever include you at all?

At this Passover Seder, I am not the only outsider.

I am seated with others not knowing.

Surrounded by sisters.


Thinking of you, my kindred Passover sister.

I hope someone befriended you too.


 For more on Rahab, read Joshua 2 & 6.


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