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The Beauty of Selfies

There are these girls in my church. Beautiful girls. Skinny girls. Girls who wear all the latest fashion. They don’t just talk about needing to run. They really run. Often. Perhaps you know these girls. Or girls like them.


And here’s the thing. Their lives aren’t perfect. As I’ve gotten to know them better, I’ve learned they have problems. 


I am so relieved. I say that jokingly. Mostly.


Then there are these ladies who attend my Bible study. The mature Christians. When they first join our group, I practically break out in a cold sweat. Secretly, I just know they will be the ones to discover I am a fraud. A Bible student, not a scholar. Incapable of answering every question. I certainly don’t have my Christian act together like they do.


And here’s the thing. Their lives aren’t perfect. As I’ve gotten to know them better, I’ve learned they have problems.


So I teach them. And they teach me.


A while back, Facebook and Twitter users participated in a social media campaign. Women took selfies of themselves, often posting under the hashtag #beatcancer,  without makeup in support of cancer awareness. This grassroots campaign did actually raise funding, marking it successful.


Here’s what struck me. Many of my friends couldn’t post a natural selfie without a clarifier. 

My friend tagged me to post a selfie of myself without makeup. Otherwise, I would never post this.

Sorry to show you all this but it’s for a good cause.

I don’t leave the house without makeup but here goes.


I was dumbfounded. Every woman who posted a photo was beautiful. Not just to their moms. Truly beautiful. Honestly, I don’t usually notice if my friends have on makeup or not. I couldn’t tell you who wears the stuff and who doesn’t.


Somewhere along the way we were deceived. Someone convinced us our natural beauty wasn’t enough.


I am not saying women shouldn’t wear makeup. I don’t. But that’s not the point. The point is, we must be enough without it. No clarifiers necessary. Not concerned about who sees us. 


In love with God’s creation that is you. 



Here is what my friend had to say about the selfies craze:

I love all these au naturel selfies!!!! Women are beautiful, period. I don't even need to make one b/c you can see me like this about every day, so it's not very exciting. Maybe I will do a selfie in full on make-up!!!! 


I can get a case of girl envy along with the rest of you. Those skinny girls who dress so nicely at church. Those mature Christians who have their theological stuff all together. I can even empathize with those girls who struggle to post a selfie with no makeup on Facebook.


But we’re better off putting all that aside. To realize we’re all broken. All far less than perfect. All left feeling like we’d be prettier if ______________ (fill in the blank). 


Instead, let’s proclaim this. Out loud and often if necessary! 


I. Am. Made. By. God.


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