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Celebrating Passions

I am inspired by people living out their passions.


A popular movie in the 90s that I probably had no business watching showed a happy man walking the streets of Hollywood...

Welcome to Hollywood. What's your dream? 


Hollywood or no, I enjoy learning what makes someone tick. What they have tied up in their dreams. This has become a hobby of sorts for me. Finding the passion behind the person. And watching them embrace that.


Celebrating Passions


Seeing a person’s eyes light up when you land on the topic that means something to them. Allow me a few examples to illustrate my point.


Meet Larry.

The worship leader at our church. Larry is happy and positive and agreeable. All around pleasant to be around. But if you really want Larry to get revved up, talk about music. 


In addition to his Sunday morning gig, Larry performs gigs in the area too. He actually used to do this a lot more, in addition to his day job, but not as much these days.


His wife told me a story of how a younger Larry agreed to do a gig in New York. Traveled all the way there and back from Michigan. He was so excited to go. And was still amped when he got back. His wife asked him how many people were in the audience. He thought maybe three?


Larry doesn’t do what he does for the crowds. He loves music.


Meet Elaine.

An amazing artist. A true right-brained talent who creates masterpieces with her hands.


Several years ago, Elaine had leukemia. She got very sick. In those years, Elaine didn’t have the energy to create art. At times, she wondered if she’d ever get that ability back again. 


She shared her testimony with our church family. And she talked about the complete healing of her body. About her return to creating art. Sometimes, she said, she wonders why God saved her. Why she was healed. And she believes part of the reason was to show others beauty. The everyday beauty she sees all around her. Around us. Through her passion, she helps us all see beauty.


Meet Margaret.

But if you want to talk to her, you’ll have to follow her around in the kitchen. Or ride along as she delivers a meal. 


Margaret knows food. More than that. She puts food to use for God’s Kingdom. On any given day, she will deliver a meal to a grieving family, drop off potluck dishes at the local hospice center and bake up some cookies for her husband’s office.


Margaret is all too happy to share her kitchen, her passion, as well.


She was standing in the banquet line at a women's retreat once when she overheard someone talking about her son getting married. Politely, she offered to host a shower for the young bride. Because she loves hosting showers.


Now, if I tried to talk to Larry about my musical experience, we could converse for about five minutes. I have sang in church choirs, played Mary in the church pageant once. But, get Larry going and I just sit back and enjoy the fact that God gave Larry a passion for music.


If Elaine and I sat down together and I attempted to paint something artistic on canvas, she would realize not everything created has beauty. But ask Elaine about what projects she’s working on or what opportunities she is considering right now, and we can talk art.


I like to dabble in hospitality but if Margaret and I were to pull out our calendars and compare meals delivered or cookies baked, she’d make me look lazy. However, walk beside Margaret for an afternoon of hard work in the kitchen and you know God gave her a real gift. 


I could make this article a very long one because I take note of people’s passions, whether I find those same things interesting or not. And I love learning from them. Watching them do what they were born to do. Horses, gardening, organizing, tinkering with computers.


Oh, we need to learn how much we all have in common. Much more alike than we are different. But let’s celebrate the differences too. 


You may not be much of a reader. But if you are planning a day or two at the beach. Or if you know you’ll be spending several hours in airports for an upcoming trip, let me know. Because my thing, it’s the written word. Both the creating and readng ends of it. And if you really want me to, I can go on and on (and on) about what I’m reading or writing for hours.


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