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All The Churches We Call Home

Sometimes the church gets it right. And during those moments, you hold your head up high, raise your arms in the air if you’re so inclined, and shout, “To God alone be the glory!”


By all standards, mine is a baby church. Carving out our place beside congregations who have served our community for hundreds of years.


A few weeks ago, we voted to purchase a piece of land where our place will be built. An exciting moment in our young church history.


I have shared on here before how much I have learned about the church being in a community all because we don’t have our own building, Showers of (Used) Blessings.


And some of the lessons I learned through the eyes of my daughter. Around four years old, she started paying better attention to where we were driving.


All The Churches We Call Home


And when we would pass a familiar church, she would identify it as our Sunday morning church, our Bible study church, our mom’s group church... All different churches.


To a large degree, she could claim all of these churches all because we didn’t have a building for our own home church. We wouldn’t have made all the connections we did if every church event we had was in our own building.


And let’s consider the other side of this same coin. These churches opened up their doors to us. We didn’t have to be members. There was no attendance requirement and even when we paid a rental fee for some of the larger events, the price was nominal.


The church. In all its glory. Serving its community. Including me.


North Point Church 

Home Church - I’m honored to keep serving with you. After seven years, we all know we don’t need a building to call ourselves a church. We need Jesus. We need one another. And with a church campus, we can better minister to our community. 


Friendship Wesleyan 

Bible Study Church - For five years, you have opened your doors to our church ladies on Wednesday mornings. And you let us bring our kids! Many women have grown in their relationship with Jesus thanks to your hospitality. Thanks for being one of our weekday homes.  


First Baptist 

Mom's Group - The first time I walked in your doors I received the warmest greetings. And then, glory be, you took my little one and watched her for two hours! That courtesy saved my sanity on more than one occasion. Some of my sweetest friends come from this special group of ladies.


Church of God

Mother/Daughter Event - These events are just a few times this church has welcomed the people of our church. Also for meetings, VBS sports camp, Royal Family Kids’ Camp registration and meals. Churches serve our collective communities best when we partner. Your willingness is so appreciated.


First Congregational & Calvary Reformed 

VBS Churches - Over the years, our church has partnered with these churches to split up VBS responsibilities. What a great chance to work beside some Christian sisters who live in my community. The load gets much easier when we share the burden.


I’m not so certain we need all the drama surrounding our denominational differences. I know those on the outside of church looking in could care less. But what they do care about, what they will notice, is how we take care of one another. How our services and ministries point others to Jesus. 


If you ask me where we go to church, I would tell you North Point. But what I’ve learned, what makes me proud and thankful, is that I can call many churches home. Just ask my daughter. 


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