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Reflections on the first day of school

I took a deep breath today. For the first time since June 10th. My world slowed down and I’m deciding the things this school year will include. For me.


Early this morning, our daughter got on the bus and rode off to first grade. And I sat down with a cup of coffee and Facebook.


The first picture I saw was the young girl who cared for our daughter in the nursery at church. That girl started her senior year today. And I took another deep breath.


I watched the likes and comments appear on our daughter's first day of school post. And my breath caught in my throat a little. This pretty, confident little girl. 


We went to a bank the other day. She’d fallen asleep in the car and I picked her up out of her seat and started to carry her into the building. Like I’ve done a hundred times. 

"Mom,” she exclaimed. “Put me down. You can’t carry me anymore.”


Or our movie nights these days. When she informs us she won’t sit on our laps but instead snuggles in right next to us. Close enough. 


Also, I will always see her as the little girl in this photo. Ahem.


Reflections On the First Day Of School


I read other Facebook posts from friends. Their kids didn’t need hugs, kisses or chauffeurs into the classroom either. What a good job we’ve done raising such confident kids!


And yet. I know these days are precious. Tongue in cheek, I told you a few weeks ago I was done with this summer business


We road tripped to St. Louis.


We spent a week at Camp Beechpoint. Me in the kitchen. Her all over the place.


We camped up north with friends.


We ended our summer with a few days on Lake Michigan. Like every good Michigander should do. 


And today we reflect. We pause, catching our collective breaths, as a new school year is upon us. 


Routine. One. Two. Three. Breathe.


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