Brad Gray Book Signing In Grand Rapids
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Tracing the many stories behind Brad Gray's new book, "Make Your Mark: Getting Right What Samson Got Wrong"

Apparently, authors are real people too. Pastors. Also real people. I mean, we know that. But a part of us always delights in discovering this truth firsthand.


I attended the Brad Gray book signing today. Hosted by our local Family Christian Bookstore. His first book, “Make Your Mark: Getting Right What Samson Got Wrong” just came out a few weeks ago. 


During the short time I was there, Brad visited with and signed books for a variety of individuals.




A couple who traveled to Israel with him on one of his guided tours.


A mother and daughter who attend his church. The 12-year old girl has read a third of his book already. 


A gentlemen who bought the book  just today in the store and had it autographed by the author.


The author’s friend who stopped in with a previously purchased copy of the book tucked under his arm. Could you sign this please?


And me, a blogger who also happens to be a bookworm. 


Further, these books the authors write. They have real stories behind them too. 


Like when this teaching pastor studied the Biblical account of Samson. And that particular story wouldn’t let him go. There had to be more than what we’d learned in Sunday School.


This pastor happened to be speaking at another church when an executive in the publishing industry heard him and starting meeting with him over coffee on a regular basis. Wondering when he would write a book.


How the author pastored a church 175 strong when the book idea started taking shape.


Now, with a published book out there in circulation, the stories continue.


Because a teacher read it and liked it, a local high school might get a copy for every student, discussing each chapter’s contents during chapel service.


When the author did a book signing at his Michigan hometown, an area judge attended the event. She bought a copy of the book to show community support. But after finishing it, she decided every judge should have a personal copy. To read a compelling chapter on forgiveness. 


Yes, authors are real people. Pastors. Also real people. I enjoyed meeting Brad Gray. And hearing just a bit of his story. Now, to read my autographed copy of the actual story....

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