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40 Life Lessons From 40 Years

I turn 40 this weekend and am so excited. Actually, looking back over the past 40 years, I've spent much of it... excited. I'm kind of wired that way. I think it's a wonderful life. I know this approach to life can annoy some people. But more often, I find it encourages people. Helps them see the glass is not half empty or half full - it's overflowing! So we're going with that. 


Since we have a wedding here this weekend, I thought I'd take these quiet moments to give you my birthday post. I've learned so much along the way. Thanks for walking the journey with me! Love you all. -T


Forty Life Lessons From Forty Years


1) Years of Show and Tell taught me people enjoy telling you their stories. Listen.


2) You don’t want to be the Old Maid.


3) Every girl needs her daddy.


4) Some girlfriends are lifers. You won’t always know who those will end up being so treat them all kindly. 


5) Never trust a boy who dumps you for a gal named Rhonda while playing “Help Me, Rhonda” in his friend’s Jeep.


6) You can fully expect to get your heart broken real good at least once. Don’t look back.


7) “They” were always right. Just Say No to Drugs.


8) Kenny Chesney is right... We all have a song that’s somehow stamped our lives; takes us to another place and time. For the musically inclined, it’s not one song, it’s hundreds.


9) Some of your craziest memories will happen in college. Somehow keep your head on straight.


10) Don’t rush into marriage. The single years remain some of my fondest.


11) Never stop going to church.


12) There are kind and loving elderly people in every church family. Seek them out and let them love on you.


13) When you are down and out in any way, help someone. No greater remedy for a pity party than that.


14) Guys who date lots of women haven’t settled down for a reason. And only a very small part of it is because they “haven’t met the right one yet.”


15) Mamas always have some good advice just waiting for the asking.


16) Do 90% of your grocery shopping around the outer aisles of the store.


17) As you get older, being family means learning to forgive and giving grace.


18) You’ll end up with friends who are like family. Church folk too.


19) I’ve yet to meet someone who couldn’t benefit from time with a good therapist.


20) If you go to work each day and do a thing you love, you’ve done well for yourself.


21) Never underestimate the blessing of a good neighbor.


22) Living close to family isn’t perfect but the babysitting can be good.


23) If you’ve made it to 40 and don’t desperately miss a loved one you’ve lost, you are blessed indeed. Or you haven’t loved enough.


24) Nothing you do for the Kingdom of God is for nothing.


25) I gave my life to Jesus at age seven. To this day, the smartest thing I’ve ever done.


26) I married my husband at 28. Perfect timing. Wonderful life.


27) I had my daughter at 32. Greatest miracle I’ve ever witnessed.


28) Hands down, Facebook has put me back in touch with the most people from my past. Thankful for that.


29) I played Mary in a Christmas play once. A holiday season I still treasure. #ponder


30) You’ll have friends in life who know way too much to ever make them an enemy.


31) Love yourself deeply. It gives other people permission to love themselves as well.


32) Never back down from being confident. It teaches others to do the same.


33) Maybe not in the game of life; but in a game, it’s true... it’s just a game.


34) Life has a way of coming full circle. If this happens to you, let it.


35) Read.


36) Sometimes when people have a problem with you, the problem is with you. Pray for discernment.


37) Sometimes when people have a problem with you, it might show an insecurity in them. Pray for discernment.


38) Take lots of road trips. Make a playlist of songs you can sing along to and hit the highways.


39) When you travel, don’t get too caught up in being a tourist. The real treasure is in seeing with the eyes of a local.


40) If you’re blessed enough to have children, prepare yourselves to see the good and the bad of you - in them.


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