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When blessings are earned

Today’s post won’t be long. Much of Ben and Sara’s wedding is not my story to tell. I am thankful for the part I did get to play in it.

Who doesn’t like a beautiful wedding? Even when it rains. And rains. And your outdoor wedding happens inside of a well decorated tent. During the neighbor's target practice session.


When Blessings Are Earned #divorce #remarriage


I remember those years when we looked for a house. And then looked for land where we built our house. I silently promised God again and again that if He would just give us a place of our own, I would never take it for granted.


Bargaining. With the Creator of the universe.


I don’t know that God minds this necessarily. I think He would tell us to go further. Seek Him in prayer and fasting and worship. He wants us to pursue His will.


I know Sara and Ben have done that. I am certain they will appreciate their union in ways they wouldn’t have if it hadn’t come at such a high price. 


We tend to value the blessings we earned the hard way. Things we paid a high price for - in years and in emotions.


But eventually this couple will get caught up in the daily grind as we all tend to do. And Ben will find some things about Sara that make him go hmmm. Sara will discover some things about Ben she never saw coming.


As a couple they will change.


And as for us, we don’t love this house every day. There are things we'd do differently if we had it all to do again. It gets dirty and messy just like every other house.


Perhaps the lesson is to stop expecting perfection. I think what the hard times teach us is that the blessings in this life carry a great deal of value. Hold them tightly. Care for them well.


And when God restores something in your life, give Him all the glory. And share the story.


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