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Five Minute Friday Link Up - Notice

I'm participating in "Five Minute Friday" over at katemotaung.com today. For five minutes, bloggers are encouraged to "free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation."


The writing prompt this week is Notice.


Oh, I get this one. My most popular blog post to date was written by someone else. A dear friend has gone through a heartbreaking divorce and come out the other side victorious. I love stories like that. I love her story.


But did my readers have to love it so much? More than any other I've written?


I know we like the gut-wrenching stories. The ones that make us feel. But I look at the hard road she walked and I realize I don't want to go through that just to give you a story.


I feel my way through this blogging world, hoping someone will notice. Because God has laid so much on my heart and He's prompting me to tell the stories.


I guess the real question is who do we want to notice? For me, I want readers who are helped by what I share here. The world is busy. Crazy. Noisy. Sometimes, we can go days and not notice our faith life at all.


Whether it's a guest post or a story I write, I want you to take note. This life continues to be all about tracing God at work in our every days.


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