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Lord, What Can I Give Them?



She came into church earlier than usual this particular Sunday. Several minutes before the service began. I could tell just in the way she walked that this morning had gone more smoothly than most.


Our exchange only lasted a few minutes. She gave me the latest update on the medical treatment for their infant son. Who let me hold him! And shared a few of the latest stories on their journey through the foster care system with a little toddler they had loved on for more than a year. They still didn’t know if they would someday call him theirs. Even though it had been their heart’s desire from the moment they met him.


This family is going through it. You know “it.” Medical bills are piling up. Their hearts break a little every time they have to watch their two little guys go through super hard stuff. 


God is giving them more than they can handle... alone. So they have to rely on Him more and more to stand in the gaps.


As I walked away from my friend and took my seat, I thought to myself,

“Lord, what can I give them?”


In the quietness of my heart, He shared a few suggestions with me. I thought I’d pass them along to you.


Lord  What Can I Give Them


Be an Encourager.

Consider if they have a need you can handle for them. Childcare, groceries, a monetary gift. It doesn’t have to be in that very moment. Send it in the mail or drop it off. Make a phone call. 


Remember Them.

Sometimes we wonder if a person wants to talk about what they’re going through. I find that they do. Start by saying, “How are things going?” Let them take the conversation from there. They’ll let you know how much they want to talk about it. Don’t ignore what’s happening to them. And goodness, definitely don’t ignore them because you don’t know what to say.


Tell Them You’re Praying And Do It.

We underestimate prayer. At least I do. When you think of friends and family who are going through a hard time, make it a habit to turn that thought into a prayer. Calling the Almighty into their situation is often the very best thing we can give them.



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