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Free To Be Me & Killing Lions - A Book(s) Review

 I received a copy of "Free to be me: becoming the young woman God created you to be," written by Stasi Eldredge and "Killing Lions: A Guide Through The Trials Young Men Face" written by John Eldredge and Sam Eldredge, from Family Christian Stores for the purpose of generating a review. Italicized quotes are from the book. The opinions expressed here are my own.


And great news! Family Christian is also giving a copy of each of these books away to my readers. You can enter the giveaway below.


I think Eldredge books are best read in small groups. They foster great conversations. They encourage further interaction via their study guides and website materials. This also applies also to their latest two books, written to a younger audience.



In Free to be me: becoming the young woman God created you to be, Stasi Eldredge speaks intimately with young ladies. I would say anywhere from pre-teen to college aged girls. It reads like an older woman in church who mentors young ladies. Everything from a relationship with God to self-esteem to friendship to boys.


As I read along, I kept thinking one thought repeatedly: “I wish the younger me had known that.”


True transformation cannot be forced from the outside. It’s an inside-out process. (Stasi)


I’m especially thankful that Stasi showed her honest self to her readers. Like the rest of us, she doesn’t have it all figured out. I kept flipping to the back of the book, where there is a picture of her. Folks, she’s so pretty! I appreciated some of the stories she shared, knowing just from seeing her picture that the enemy tries to feed her lies too. Trying to shame her. Or make her feel ugly. Satan is truly the father of lies and the younger ladies realize this, the better.


Every woman has a beauty unique unto herself. I have seen beauty in virtually every woman I have ever met regardless of skin type, body shape, age, hair color, teeth whiteness, or number on the scale. Every woman is beautiful. (Stasi)



In “Killing Lions: A Guide Through the Trials Young Men Face,” John partners up with his son, Sam, to write a book speaking intimately to young men. The audience here is a bit older. High school to early 20s. Boys who are slowly taking on more and more responsibilities of manhood. The topics cover everything from a relationship with God to meaningful work to friendship to seeking and finding a wife. 


The format is a candid conversation in the form of letters between father and son. It showed me first and foremost how differently men view the world. 


“What is your greatest fear as a man?” (John)


“That’s easy; I fear feeling like a fool. I fear and hate it above everything else. Hate might not even be a strong enough word; loathe may be better.” (Sam)


Some of the truths in this book remain timeless. Others speak directly to the millennial generation, where Sam finds himself. 


“One of the great enemies your generation is going to have to fight is the attitude of entitlement. Yours was the childhood where every boy got a trophy - whether they won or lost or even played in the game at all.” (John)


This book clearly established a mentoring relationship kind of feel as well. Not just between a dad and his son but bigger than that. I could see many things my husband has learned, and sacrificed, along the way. Just by making his family a top priority. The section on male friendship and mentoring speaks to a real need among men, including  those in our churches, today.


“Now, when I did something with friends, whether it was running or sailing or working on the ranch or writing together, the connection felt much stronger.” (Sam)


It is going to take some intentionality making friends... Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity; join the local running club; build trails with REI; join a small group at church. Good guys are out there, but you will have to make that choice to find them.” (John)


I appreciated reading these books. But they’d be even better in the hands of a younger generation. I’m planning on giving away my personal copies to our church youth pastor. I pray they serve as excellent resources.


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