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Chuck E. Cheese Food Grows Up

I'm pleased to be partnering with Chuck E. Cheese for this post. While the post is sponsored, the opinions expressed here are my own.


And great news! Chuck E. Cheese is also giving a Guest Pass away to one of my readers. It's good for 1 large pizza, 4 soft drinks and 30 game tokens! You can enter the giveaway below. 


Sometimes blogging feels like work. I don’t financially support my family doing it, so it’s nothing like work in that way. But all the marketing behind it; the time you put in reading and responding to other blogger articles; the social media presence; the hard, bleeding articles I feel led to write sometimes. Work in a good way.


Other times, blogging feels like fun. That’s the part I’m writing about today. FUN!




I received an invite to visit our local Chuck E. Cheese restaurant for an afternoon event. It seems they have been working hard to reinvent their menu to accommodate the adults who accompany their kids to the restaurant. They’re rolling out this new menu for a trial period at our Grand Rapids location. Just to see which of the new items are favored. My initial reaction: genius.


I took my daughter and her friend to the promotional event. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a nice lady who stamped our hands with invisible matching numbers. I’ve always appreciated this security measure.


My daughter put on her serious face and said,

“You know, I’ve been using my secret agent pen and its marks will surely show up when you scan our hands.”


Apparently, a little inside secret known only to fellow secret agents.


Once inside, we met our hosts for the afternoon. They told us the girls could play for a while before we listened to the presentation about the new menu and got a chance to do some taste testing. They gave my daughter and her friend each a cup of tokens.


“Here you go. If you run out, just let us know and we’ll get you some more.”


I’m pretty sure my daughter told me about a dream she had once where she heard those exact words.


And play they did. They could not get to the games fast enough. They took pictures. They collected tickets. What a trip!




An employee came and found us to take my drink order. Apparently, Chuck E. Cheese has also upgraded their coffee selection. I ordered a vanilla cream something-fancy and it was delicious. Something I could definitely sip on while watching the kids go crazy, er, play.



After the girls made their prize selections, we ventured over to the food. Y’all, Chuck E. Cheese has gone and grown up! The food smelled fantastic. It tasted even better. Thin crust pizza with adult toppings (think spinach, mushrooms, bbq sauce, crispy onions). I’m used to ordering pizza when we visit, but what I’d really recommend is the BBQ chicken ciabatta sandwich. It stood out as a favorite of mine.



The girls devoured the soft parmesan breadsticks. Then, after having one slice of pepperoni pizza, since it was a special occasion, I let them load up on desserts. Dessert churros served with salted caramel and white chocolate icing. Cinnamon breadsticks with white chocolate icing. 


The food was very good. Food I would crave. And wouldn’t our children love that?! 

“Hey, kids, we’re hungry for a thin crust pizza at Chuck E. Cheese. Would you mind if we went there for dinner again?”

If there was any doubt about the afternoon being a success for my daughter and her friend, I heard these words uttered from the back seat on the way home,

“We should definitely do that again next year when they have it.”


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