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Lessons Learned on a Double Date


We went on a double date recently. Something we don’t do that often but we sure enjoy it when we have the opportunity.


Since the first night I met my husband, I have enjoyed watching him socialize. He’s very good at it. I am a proud wife.


The other wife and I had set up this date. We know each other from school and decided it would be fun if the four of us went out for dinner. She offered to arrange the childcare at her house. Sold.


Double Date Reminders


Our two guys hit if off right away. I could overhear their conversation and immediately recognized many of the stories. After so many years together, the stories tend to repeat themselves. I smiled to hear them being shared - again. I even asked him to contribute certain stories. Although I’ve heard them dozens of times or more, they are my personal favorites.


We had a Hispanic guy at a place where I used to work. He could eat super hot things. One day he brought in these tiny little peppers. Literally small enough you could swallow it whole and not have to chew it. He offered up a $20 bet to anyone who would eat one of the peppers. I took the bet. Ended up leaving work early that day. Sick as a dog. Apparently peppers can still be hot even if you don’t take a single bite.


My husband also shared some new-to-me stories that evening. We live separate lives for approximately ten hours every weekday. I don’t know most of his coworkers. It always surprises me a little to hear him share a story I haven’t heard before. We forget that those most familiar can still surprise us. 


The other couple shared some stories about their family travels. Always an adventure when you’re traveling with young children! It would trigger a memory of our own and we would tag team telling a story. Few details get left out when you recreate the memory together.


Remember the time we traveled from Ludington to Mackinaw City? Our daughter was about eight months old. Something had her fussy and she wailed the entire two-hour trip. We stepped out of the car convinced we’d made the right decision to only have one child. Bless. 


Throughout the evening, my husband placed his hand on the small of my back. Our hands brushed against one another. I noticed the other couple lean in and share emotional exchanges. This night was about being couples. Ordinary schedules were set aside. The to-do list remained at home. 


We need these reminders. Why we fell in love with our spouse in the first place. How much life has been shared between two people. The memories your family is making together.


The important stuff.


I hurt so much when I hear of a couple getting a divorce. I know valid reasons exist for separating. I have seen God redeem broken marriages, broken hearts, broken lives. But in my own life, I place a high value on my marriage relationship. I am thankful to have a husband who is for me. I treasure the stories we share. This life we build. It's not perfect. Overrated.


But I can honestly say every day, I am in love with the man I married. If that is you as well, don’t take it for granted.


He gave me a card for our anniversary a few years back. I think I have it somewhere. Regardless, I still remember the one line printed inside:

I’d choose you all over again.

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