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Lucado Treasury of Bedtime Prayers - A Book Review

 I received a copy of the book "Lucado Treasury of Bedtime Prayers: Prayers for Bedtime & Every Time of Day!" from Family Christian Stores for the purpose of generating a review. The opinions expressed here are my own.


 And great news! Family Christian is also partnering with me to give one of you a $10 Appreciation Certificate (works like a gift card). You can use it towards your first copy of this book. Or on whatever you'd like! Enter the giveaway at the end of this article.


My daughter will certainly be a bona fide church shower expert by the time she’s a mama throwing parties for her friends. Getting married? Having a baby? Let’s party!


In just over six years, she’s helped host dozens of showers. Her resume shines with the titles: Wrapped Present Mover & Opened Gift Carrier to Waiting Table.




Showers are a business of the church. And the church is most certainly our business.


I say all of this because with all of these showers of blessing happening, I keep my eyes out for unique gifts the recipient will treasure.


For baby showers, the 2015 gift has been found.




The “Lucado Treasury of Bedtime Prayers” arrived at my doorstep about a week ago. Its design speaks to the keepsake it will surely become for those who receive it. Such beautiful illustrations Ms. Alderson!


My delight only grew as I peeked inside. 


Some original prayers Max and Denalyn used with their own girls over the years. Tried and true.


Praying through various Scripture passages. “Your Word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” (Psalm 119:11)


Wisdom imparted to us from saints of old; Martin Luther, St. Patrick, St. Francis of Assisi.  

“Lord, Help me to live this day quietly, easily. Help me to lean upon Your great strength trustingly, restfully, to wait for the unfolding of your will patiently, joyfully, to face tomorrow confidently, courageously. Amen.” -St. Francis of Assisi


I’m thankful that my daughter can already serve our Lord in her own small way at these showers. Her little light shines bright for the young brides and mothers. Also for their family members, who often times do not attend church.


Now, I am also thankful to have my gift idea taken care of for baby showers to come. However, I’m keeping this copy of the Lucado Prayer book.


In addition to learning about ministry and service, we want our daughter to know how to pray to her Father in heaven. Real conversation. The prayers in this book give her a great starting place.


It’s even more than that. I need written prayers in my own life to keep spiritually focused as well. In reading through the various prayers in this book, I found myself muttering “Amen” and “May it be so Lord” about my own life.


I’m placing this book on my own nightstand. Because, um, you know, often times my daughter and I snuggle on my bed and I can read to her from this book before tucking her in her own bed at night…. R-i-i-i-ight.


On occasion, even if she’s gone at school or busy playing, I know I’ll pick it up. For me. 

“Blessed Jesus, Holy One, Thank You for this morning sun. 

Blessed Jesus, full of love, Look on me from high above. 

Blessed Jesus, full of light, Show me, Lord, what is right.

Blessed Jesus, gentle and mild, Remember me, a little child.

Blessed Jesus, on this day, Keep me safe, this I pray,

In Jesus’ name, amen."

-Max & Denalyn Lucado


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