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A Fellowship of Differents - A Book Review

The Action Study Bible - A Book Review


 I still have mine. Dated 1981. The inside cover reads: 

Given By: Mother with love always trust in God and remember Romans 8:28.


One of the first verses I ever committed to memory. I remember feeling so big because I had my very own Bible


All. Grown. Up.


In it, I recorded various church events from my growing up years. My baptism. Bible drills. Church camp. Youth for Christ.


I’ve had several Bibles since then. Some would say I have an obsession. To which I would respond, you can never have too much of a Good Thing.


But nothing beats the treasure of the first one. You know? 


The Action Bible - Book Review


That’s why I’m so excited about “The Action Study Bible” from David C Cook Publishing. Just released last month, it's available in hardcover or LeatherSoft. Not only would it make an excellent first ESV Bible for a young reader, it offers more:

  •  Comic Book Style Illustrations


  • Devotional readings they call “Activate”


  • Historical fact sections they call “Ancient Archives” 


In our house, we’ve used “The Action Bible,” a narrative of Bible stories in chronological order, as our nighttime devotional for about a year now. I’ve learned so many new details along the way. It’s a fresh way to learn about what’s in the Bible. 




This complete study Bible takes that idea one step further. It combines the popular illustrations with a substantial amount of facts and reflections. A Bible that can easily take one well into his teen years.


Also a keepsake.


We’re gifting this Bible to a friend for his birthday. It’s my hope he’ll read it now. Wear it out. But also that maybe, in thirty years or so, he might still have it. And every time he sees it on the bookshelf, the memories of his early days in church will come flooding back.


I received a copy of "The Action Study Bible" from Family Christian Stores for the purpose of generating a review. The opinions expressed here are my own.


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