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Becoming Myself - A Bible Study Review

 I received copies of the book, 8-session study guide and 8-session DVD "Becoming Myself: Embracing God's Dream of You" written by Stasi Eldredge, from Family Christian Stores for the purpose of generating a review. With the exception of one Bible verse, italicized quotes are from the author. The opinions expressed here are my own.




I’ve gone to Bible studies my whole life. If you count Sunday School. Which I do. I’ve gained a lot of Bible knowledge from my time spent in all these classes. But more than that.


It wasn’t until recently I realized the people in these groups become lifelines for one another. These days, the women in my studies grow to need one another. Friendship with purpose. A shared sisterhood. 


We do baby showers. Visitations and funerals. Weddings. Divorces. Birthdays. Play dates. In a world where people struggle to appear vulnerable, we show up week after week just as we are.




Unintentionally, my social life revolves around Bible study. I guess you could say I’ve become a bona fide Bible study enthusiast.


That thing I eat, sleep and breathe.


When it comes to the Bible studies themselves, I’ve formed some opinions. 


We do a lot of studies that teach us about a specific book of the Bible. Unless it’s summertime. Attendance is too hit and miss so I prefer a book club format. Those out of town on vacation can stay caught up easily. I also know there are times our group can benefit from a topical Bible study. Relationships. Anger management. Parenthood. Ministry. Finally, there are times we need a dose of a Scripture-based self-help study. 


That’s how I would classify this latest study I’m writing about today, “Becoming Myself,” by Stasi Eldredge. I call them Bible Study self-helps because I’ve realized true self-help begins and ends with Scripture. And until we grasp how much God loves us as we are we can’t begin to grasp all the truths He has for us in His Word.


You first have to realize God writes your story before you can fully see Him in the books of the Bible that make up His story.


Stasi sets out to help us realize this very basic truth. We are lavishly loved. By God.


We all, with unveiled faces, are looking as in a mirror at the glory of the Lord and are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory; this is from the Lord who is the Spirit. (2 Corinthians 3:18)


And God is transforming us into His glorious image.



I like this study because:

- The whole study stems from a book of the same name. You can use the book on its own.


- If you use the 8-session Study Guide, it follows right along with the chapters of the book. The two can easily be companion pieces.


- You have the option of watching a 20-minute video of the author for each study session as well. I appreciate seeing the author of our studies. And when the tapings are short, a group still has plenty of time for discussion and prayer requests in a 1-2 hour period. In her video, she also includes interviews of women who share a part of their story. Women just like you and me. 


This study covers every topic from shame to self-discipline to friendship to parental influences to pain to... you get the idea! No topic is off limits in our quest to becoming our true self.


“To become our true selves will require not only that we trust God more deeply but also that we are willing to take what we may feel are enormous risks. We will need to risk believing that what God has said about us is true.


This time around, I’m doing this study with a small group of ladies. A perfect setting because it lends itself to a great deal of sharing and openness.


He restores us - the real us... Once we surrender ourselves, he gives us back our true selves.” 


And that self will start to look more and more like Jesus.


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