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A group of us sat down to dinner last week at a local restaurant. Ladies from my home church. A disorganized, organized event if you will. No planned devotional. We didn’t bring our Bibles. The tables weren’t decorated. I didn’t prepare a talk.


Afterwards, I shared these thoughts with them on our Facebook ministry page:

Last night, I sat among an amazing group of women. Honestly, some looked tired. Our days are long and we work hard. But each smile was genuine. The Spirit was among us. A few sat by familiar friends. Others did the often awkward task of visiting with Christian sisters new to them. But we're all family. Thanks, ladies, for dinner. Let's do it again soon!


Sometimes women just want to sit down at a table and visit. Can I get an amen?


The title I have at my church is "Women’s Ministry Coordinator." Coordinator, is by definition: 

Someone whose task is to see that work goes harmoniously.


That resonates with me. Every Sunday, I look out across our church family and see the women.  

Those who partner with me in this child-rearing stage of life. Dear friends who share so much common ground with me.


The beautiful women beyond the years of having children in their home. They have so much to offer us from the life lessons they’ve learned. Spiritual mothers.


Single women who come longing to connect with family. A church should be the very best place for them to feel loved on and included.


The strangers. It seems this group looms large in our midst these days. Our church continues to grow and change. So many faces I haven’t made a connection with yet.


My role as I see it is to bring all of these groups together. To remind these Christian sisters we form one body. We have Kingdom work to do. They have a place here.


One event or style won’t reach out to all these women. Further, one person can’t connect meaningfully with each woman. So, I partner with God in creating an atmosphere where ladies are comfortable coming together. I make the introductions.


It’s about providing a safe place for women to show vulnerability. A community. Which ultimately happens all week long as we invest in each other’s lives. Not just at a weekly meeting or a monthly event.


That’s the coordinator role I play. Planning events to meet the varying needs of our women. I’ve also found that some simply aren’t in a season of life where women’s ministry fits. They might not be open to all that new yet. Or managing work and their family takes up the majority of their time. The question I prayerfully consider all the time: 

Lord, how can I minister to each woman where she is right now?


A few times, we've given away praise and worship CDs to those working women who spend hours in the car each week commuting to/from work. We’ve gone line dancing for that mom who just needs a night out. We host wedding and baby showers to offer support to our “family” and encourage ladies to love on one another. We’ve provided meals for the youth away on retreat. We’ve learned about Passover. There have been times we’ve stopped right in the middle of an event just to pray. We encourage one another and have great discussions on social media.


The ultimate goal is to show the love of Jesus Christ through relationship.




Women’s ministry isn’t one dimensional. You can’t just decide you’re going to offer a Bible study and a holiday tea, calling it good. 


Fortunately, some great resources exist to help us reach out to women in all walks of life. They are online or right down the street at your local Family Christian Store.


Praise & Worship CDs. We often have these playing at various events. And, while I can’t choreograph to save my life, artists like Jamie Grace and Toby Mac can provide some solid Zumba and line dancing music.


Bible Study Resources. I know our ministries must be about more than studying the Bible. However, getting a woman to open up her Bible a little bit more is always, always a good thing. Family Christian offers a myriad of Bible studies, commentaries, map booklets, Bibles. Things to take us deeper.




Christian Books. The “duh” resource right? Our community of women is always recommending books to one another. Books on marriage and parenting. Light fictional reading. Historical fiction. I always have a supply of books to offer as giveaways at events and also “just because” gifts.



Home Decor. Family Christian offers a whole lot more than music and books. I once went shopping there and got lost for days. Not really, but... amusement park for adults. Holiday decorating. Mugs and dishes and kitchen accessories with printed Scripture to surround us with God’s  Word. Beautiful wall art. Pinterest has nothing on the beautiful things you’ll find in these aisles.


Maybe you’re reading this article, nodding your head in agreement. But you wonder where to get started? What would it look like to begin or overhaul the women’s ministry in your church? Well, today, I’m pleased to partner with Family Christian in offering you some resources. Excellent books and planning kits to help you answer questions like these: 

How do you engage your leadership in growing your women’s ministry impact?


Are there ways to increase your outreach through social media?


What are some service project ideas we can offer our women?



 I'm partnering with Family Christian to write this post and host the giveaway below. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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