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The Healing Power of a Piece of Land

Can a piece of land possess healing power?

We could ask the Israelites who finally arrived at their Promised Land after the generation before them had wandered in the wilderness. For forty years.


We could ask their descendants years later when they finally received permission to return home from Babylon. After seventy years.


You could ask me about the first time I stepped foot on our very own piece of property after doing some wandering of our own for six years.


Early on in our marriage, my husband and I decided to make a move closer to family. We wanted any future children we might have to live every day life with extended family. School functions, church events, weekend sleepovers, holiday dinners.


We put our house on the market in 2006. A bad time to list your home due to the housing bubble. For six years give or take, we didn’t have a place to call our own. Partly because it took our home forever to sell (and a six-hour daily commute seemed unrealistic) and mainly because we determined early on not to settle for just a place to live but to look for a house we would consider a more permanent home….




I'm excited to be sharing the rest of my story over at Circling The Story this week. Ashley is a great writer and a supporter of many other bloggers as well. Please click here to read the remainder of my article on this community blog site. 

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