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Happy Anniversary To Us Family Christian!

I'm pleased to be partnering with Family Christian for this post.


I love anniversaries. My husband and I decided when we first got married that our anniversary would be our biggest celebration. Bigger than birthdays or Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day (sorry Hallmark). It’s when we came together. And we wanted our coming together to always be a big deal.



This month, I’m celebrating another anniversary! It’s been one year since I began my blogging partnership with Family Christian0001-54851082I joined up with several other writers online to review their materials and help promote events they are involved with in my area and beyond. Already a regular customer at my local store, I knew right away this opportunity would be a great fit. 


What I didn’t realize was what a big opportunity it would be for me. New friends. A larger reading audience. I had no idea the variety of activities and products Family Christian offered. In every way, supporting them through my blog has been easy.


Another big bonus I didn’t foresee was all the opportunities I would have to encourage my local church. What a blessing! I’m including a few links to articles from this past year when I’ve had the chance to bless my church family in addition to some of its individual members.




When Camp Makes a Difference All Year Long - The assignment here was to bless some kids. One snowy day last winter, a group of us met at our local store. The director of Royal Family Kids Camp was there. Also a family who has sent children in their care to this summer camp. We found a little something for everyone. Games and a new Veggie Tale DVD for the camp. A t-shirt, books and CDs for the kids in the family. Oh my!




Pizza Party On Sunday Morning - This time we were asked to highlight some of the different things offered in the Family Christian kids’ department. One Sunday when I had the opportunity to teach our fourth and fifth graders, I brought in some games. All of which are sold at Family Christian. First, we made a booklet retelling the story of David and Goliath for the younger kids. Then we tore into fruit pizza, because this particular Sunday felt more like a party! Finally, we ended up with a round of Children’s Bible Trivia. 




Savor: A Devotional Book Review - Often, the Family Christian bloggers have the opportunity to read a book for review. Shauna Niequist is one of my favorite authors, so I was all too excited to review her yearly devotional that came out this year. Plus, bonus, I got to give a copy away to a reader. Double bonus, we often read a devotional at the wedding showers we host at church. Then we give a copy of the devotional to the couple. In reviewing this particular book, I found our devotional book for wedding showers to come. 






In case you're looking for a baby shower devotional, I found this one, Treasury of Bedtime Prayers, by Max Lucado through a Family Christian review as well.




The Bibles of a Believer - As a Bible study teacher, I appreciate the times we’re asked to review a new Bible, study resource or Bible study. I’ve done all three in the past year. In this article, I reviewed the new New King James Study Bible - Full Color Edition. I got to host another giveaway and gave a copy to a reader in another state. However, as I referenced in the article, I also ended up with a copy of this Bible which I didn’t need. I have several Bibles and I wanted to give this one away to someone who was hungry to know more of God’s Word. I prayed about who God would put in my path, then watched and waited.


This summer, I spent some time talking to a new believer while working at Vacation Bible School. He told me he grew up reading King James and while he’d expanded into other translations, he still had a love for the verses he’d learned in this wording. He’s started a men’s recovery group. His love for the Lord has sent him around the world evangelizing. I knew I’d found the guy God had in mind for this Bible.


I’m so thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had to bless in the last year. Happy Anniversary to us Family Christian!! What a year. I look forward to many more.

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