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Eve - A Book Review

I received a copy of Eve, written by Wm. Paul Young, from NetGalley for the purpose of generating a review. This book released last month. Italicized quotes are from the book. The opinions expressed here are my own.



I didn’t read The Shack. I’ve heard a lot about it. It’s had a mention or two in sermons I’ve heard. It seemed a little controversial and my pile of books to read always looms large. It never made it to the top.


When I saw that author, WM. Paul Young, had come out with a new book on Eve, I decided this would be the book that introduced me to his writing.


I now know him as a creative genius.


We know the Creation story. Sure, we don’t fully understand it, but we know the details. Except what if we don’t?


The book, Eve, explores what else might have happened in the beginning. Readers are introduced to complex and multi-layered characters. They exist on earth now, in Eden then, in heaven later and are a part of worlds in between. They have an ability to transport to different time periods as well.


Lilly. John. Letty. Eternal Man. Han-el. Menders. Healers. Collectors. Witness. Eve. 

Three worlds had collided within her: The first unknown but for flashbacks. The second filled with hallucinations in which she was Witness to Beginnings. And the last, and in ways the strangest, was this world in which she lay awake, held entranced by someone’s unearthly singing.


Throughout the book, readers are presented with an important question, how might our world be different if the story of Adam and Eve could be altered?


The parts that describe Eden make you long for its beauty and Divine companionship. By the end of the book however, I realized it wasn’t Eden I’d been longing for at all. That’s in the past. What I really desired lies ahead. A New Eden where God restores everything. 

Lilly: What do I do now?


Mary: You wait for the appointed time. And while you wait, your work each day is to trust Him in whatever lies before you. When time is full, my Son will come for you and take you to the grandest wedding celebration, the one creation is longing for.

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