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If I Could Have A Birthday Party With Some Of The Bloggers In My Inbox

One of the best parts of blogging has been the people I’ve met. I always thought it was weird when people would say that, but it’s true!


Well, if I could have a birthday party with some of the bloggers in my inbox, what a party that would be! It couldn't possibly include all of the writers I appreciate online, but it’s a taste. A most satisfying taste. I’m certain we’d spend most of our evening eating and discussing theology. Maybe share the books we're reading. From western Canada to Arkansas to Mexico to Washington to Italy to Utah, we’d gather in my backyard right here in Michigan....


Right away, I’d put Deidra in charge of the music, because I’ve appreciated what musical taste she’s shared with her readers. 

When Our View of Heaven Gets In The Way 

From I Went For a Walk Instead: There is a faraway sound of children laughing, and the man on his screened-in front porch strums his guitar and sings a sweet song in a voice too low to hear unless you happen to be walking by at just the right moment, caught in surprised delight. 


When organizing the event, I’d ask Cara to plan the menu. I like a lot of her writing, but her specialty is food. For example, this recent delight celebrating cake.

C Is For Cake




On the day of the event, I’d send two women to the kitchen. From time to time, I’d sneak in to check on the progress. I spend a little time in the kitchen too. But Shauna and Christine, they’re teaching us how to enjoy fine dining and also the ones sitting at your table.

Shauna: Love Thursday Nights

Christine: Lunch At Nahm Bangkok Thailand




Speaking of Christine, she and Bethany are two of my favorite bloggers because they write from other countries. How cool is that?! Bethany is an expat in Italy and I devour her posts telling me about Italian food and culture. Because. Italian.

Going Medieval


While things were cooking in the kitchen, I’d meet briefly with Jerusalem. I admire the simplicity of her decorating style. Please decorate for the party, but I’ll be absolutely no help. It’s all in your capable hands girl. Oh, and you’re the photographer for the evening. As much as I love the words in your blog, the photographs wow me too.

At The Table


I’d send Seth and Amber outside on a nature walk. I know they both enjoy the outdoors and we’ve been real blessed in that area. Take in God’s beauty and thanks for coming! I’ll strike the triangle when it’s dinnertime.

Seth: What Is Inner Sobriety

Amber: Out In The Wild




I wouldn’t ask much of Melanie. Just that she'd keep us all laughing. One of my most favorite things to do is laugh and most times, when she writes about her every day life, I’m in stitches. Just join in the conversation, would you please?

The First Day Of Seventh Grade


That leaves me with the writers who are new parents. Of course we wouldn’t expect much from them because they’ve got their hands full with babiness.  Micha, Preston and Sarah, we’d just like to enjoy your company too. Can we take turns holding the little miracles? Of course we expect you to bring them along!

Sarah: It Needs To Have Magic

Micha: When The Promises Are In The Distance Waiting To Be Welcomed Home 

Preston: How We Pray Now


Happy Birthday to ME! What an evening to remember. A birthday like no other. You can read about it all... online.

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