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I enjoy being used by God. Often times, I wonder if I don’t receive the bigger blessing being able to help an individual in need. The encouraging card you later find out arrived at just the right moment. The girls’ night out that became the highlight of her week for a friend. The meal you deliver to a grieving or hurting friend.


But the day I got a Facebook message from a friend asking for a favor, my first response was God most certainly had called on the wrong person this time.


A friend of mine asked me if I would go to a court date with her. I don’t know this girl very well but I always enjoy her company. I know much of her story from what she has shared in a group we both attend. Someone had hurt members of her family and his sentencing was to be handed down the following week. I knew of the pending court date and had been lifting her up in prayer. But sometimes God moves us past prayer into action. My friend planned to be there for the sentencing and, for various reasons, she had been unable to find anyone to go with her. For her, the thought of going alone seemed too much.


A big thank you to Tracey Casciano for sharing her space with me this week!

You can read the rest of this article over at  her blog, ephesians2v.8


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