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Every week at the end of Bible study, we share prayer requests. How wonderful to be in a group of women who pray for one another.


Last night, we were going over the requests from each lady and one woman shared this:

[Pray that] Isis stops the madness.


Sometimes I count my blessings and I feel selfish. Overly blessed. Who am I that God would bless me so crazy much?


Next week, we here in the States celebrate Thanksgiving. A time when we gather around our tables with loved ones and thank God for all our blessings.


There it is again. I have multiple options of where I could spend Thanksgiving. Minus the turkey, my pantry overflows with food I could use to prepare a feast. Meanwhile the news and our Facebook feed tells us of refugees and terrorists and martyrs around the world. And somehow, we make this about us too. We put a watermark of the French flag over our profile picture temporarily. Us Christians banter back and forth, back and forth, about how Jesus most certainly would have treated refugees.


I’m not really sure how to celebrate Thanksgiving this year without feeling completely... selfish. Overblessed.


I was thinking about it again this morning. A story that Jesus told came to mind. In Luke 12, we read of a manager who was left in charge of the master’s people. We’re told that the manager who mishandles his responsibility will surely pay a great price. Even if we do this in ignorance, we’ll receive a form of punishment. The story ends with these words:

Great gifts mean great responsibilities; greater gifts, greater responsibilities!

(Luke 12:48b)


As I sit down with my family and friends this Thanksgiving, this is where I’m taking the conversation. We’ve received great gifts (that’s an understatement). How can we steward them responsibly?


Perhaps you’re thinking this is a discussion you might need to have around your table as well. Create a space where you can have the conversation. Here are some decorating pieces from Family Christian that can remind us to be thankful. Don't just let these pieces be pretty! Let these pieces start a conversation about how we can give back. Maybe that means getting up from your table right then and making a call to someone you know is spending Thanksgiving alone.



Wall Plaque



Variety of Pumpkins with sayings



This would be adorable wrapped around your napkins.


Here’s another way you can get the conversation started. Family Christian has these little boxes of conversation starter cards called Ungame. You can get to know one another better and find ways to serve through your convictions and talents.




Don’t make your Thanksgiving about the food and how much of it you can eat in one sitting. Don’t let your whole afternoon be spent snoozing while the Lions are losing. The very worst joke - sorry. Let’s really think on how blessed we are and consider the responsibility we have to give back. That's a Thanksgiving well spent.



I'm pleased to be partnering with Family Christian on this Thanksgiving post.

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