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On New Year's Words, Resolutions and Goals

I see it every year at this time. People choosing words to live by for a whole year. Making New Year’s resolutions. Setting goals.


It’s all good right? We should want to right our focus and accomplish good things. Except I don’t participate.


I could never pick a word for a year. Sometimes God gives me a certain word for a season. I’ve had patience. Trust. Obedience. Those were fun seasons, let me tell you. These words would show up in books I’d read, sermons I’d listen to, Bible verses I’d come across, songs I’d hear. You get the idea. When God wants me to take note of something, He hits me on the head with it again and again.


But ONE word. For a whole YEAR. It’s too much. I love all the words.


I guess if I was forced to do so, I could choose nine. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.


Spirit, help me.


Then there’s resolutions and goals.


I can never quite wrap my head around these either. I carry a few extra pounds I can’t seem to lose. I like the idea of working out but there are so many other productive things to do with my time. I think, sometimes, I might want to write a book. If God ever gives me that one solid idea and I can discipline myself enough to sit down and write thousands of words all at once. I'll read through the Bible in a year with a few friends around the country again this year. I do plan on reading more books and publishing articles beyond my blog. But I have no set dates or numbers of articles in mind.


Does it make me a bad person that I’m content with my life right now as it is? Am I the only one who feels this way? Can it be OK if I just trust that God will continue to bring good things my way? To offer it all back to Him again and again? All for His glory.


I suppose this isn’t the post that will inspire you to do more in 2016. To be smarter and thinner and more accomplished. Greater somehow.


I think you’re all pretty great already. I’m so impressed with humanity. Choose your words if you’d like. Make your resolutions. Set your goals. I’ll help you celebrate all the accomplishments. But even if you don’t do any of these things. If you just reflect back on 2015, realizing there was good and bad. If you look towards 2016 and realize there will be good and bad there too. 


New Year's Resolutions and Words


Yet you know with every fiber of your being, in 2016 God will most certainly take you on the ride of your life. I’ll coast down that highway with you. Always.


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