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The Fringe Hours: Making Time For You - A Book Review


 I’ve had the book, The Fringe Hours, to review for months and am just now taking the time to read it. The irony is not lost on me. The whole book is about the importance of carving time out to take care of ourselves. Pampering, pursuing hobbies, building friendships. Healthy living. The author, Jessica Turner, conducted an online survey and also interviewed several success authors to see what she could uncover about what’s missing from our busy schedules and how to find those extra moments of time (fringe hours) for the good stuff of life. The things you enjoy!

A woman’s “normal” schedule should not be overwhelming. Your schedule should be manageable, with open space. When you make room in your schedule to breathe, you make room for you - and that is key to discovering fringe hours.



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Before you go thinking this author must be a stay-at-home mom with all the time in the world to watch TV and eat bon bons (ahem), she’s actually at the other end of the spectrum. Way over there.


She has a full-time career in corporate America that involves a good amount of travel. She’s actively involved in the school where her children attend. She finds time for her husband. She has lots of friends. She regularly posts on her personal blog in addition to contributing articles for an online blogging community. She loves to scrapbook.


She wears me out!


What a valuable resource this book is for all women. Through her survey results and interviews, readers are sure to find a woman’s seasons of life she can relate to. Leaving us with no excuse.


I found myself relating to Laura Tremaine, a popular online writer and social media presence. Not in every way of course, but in her decision to allow herself pampering time. When Jessica interviewed her, she discovered,

Laura... is one of the few women I talked to who said she does not struggle with feeling guilty for taking care of herself... She gives herself permission to take care of herself in a variety of ways including reading, massages, writing, and even girls’ weekends.


After selling you on the importance of self-care, Jessica asks you to get personal in the remainder of the book. What interests do you have? What time can your carve out to pursue them? What revives you? You explore all of that here.


Perhaps the greatest message this books sends is that finding time for yourself must be a priority just like being a good mom, a good employer, a good church member, a good wife. The best part is, when you do take care of you, all these other places benefit as well. Finally, heed this warning:

And the longer you go without taking time for yourself, the more resentment will fester, exhaustion will set in, and you will have nothing left to give - to anyone.



 I received a copy of The Fringe Hours, written by Jessica Turner, from for the purpose of generating a review. Italicized quotes are from the book. The opinions expressed here are my own.


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