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The Four Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership - A Book Review

Almost every blogger I’ve ever met (online) has also called themselves a reader. Writer. Reader. They seem to go hand in hand. Here’s another thing. If you’re a true bookworm, many genres catch your attention. I’m usually reading at least three books at once and often they’re completely different from one another. So, this week, I want to review four totally different books. One nonfiction on simple living, one literary fiction, one praise & worship coloring book and one on leadership. How’s that for variety?! The book giveaways I promised at the end of the week starts today. Be sure and check back tomorrow for a special giveaway post as well.



In college, I took a small group communication class. One day, the professor asked us to move our chairs together into groups of four or five. She gave us an assignment to discuss and we talked it over in our groups for a short amount of time.


After our discussion, she asked each of us to evaluate not the assignment preparation but our various roles in the group. Did someone emerge as a natural leader? Was there one person in particular who didn’t speak much at all? Another who wouldn’t shut up (ahem, I may have squirmed in my chair a bit here)? She wanted us to consider how each person in the group handled communication differently and to think about ways to include each member regardless. That exercise has stayed with me all these years.


I thought of it again as I read Jenni Catron’s latest book, The Four Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership: The Power of Leading From Your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength. Whether you consider yourself a natural leader or not, there will be times you’re put in charge of something. Or maybe you’re already leading a ministry, a company, a church. Just like individual roles in a small group will look different, everyone’s leadership style varies as well. This book helps you explore four leadership types. Your natural focus. You can enter to win a copy of this book and another Jenni Catron book, Clout: Discover And Unleash Your God-Given Influence at the end of this post!!


Heart (Relational Leadership)

Relational leaders demonstrate compassion. Compassionate leaders are more concerned about providing care than taking credit.


Soul (Spiritual Leadership)

Spiritual leadership is most consistently modeled in our character. It’s less about what we say and more about how we live. Do you love, serve,and give to others?


Mind (Managerial Leadership)

The management dimension of leadership involves leaning into others to get their best work. Respect and kindness shouldn’t be absent, but management should be practiced with authority and reasonable expectations.


Strength (Visionary Leadership)

Leaders with strength of vision always have their eyes on the big picture. Their job is to see further than others see... leaders provide much-needed strength to team members by helping them see how each individual role plays a part in the big picture.


As Jenni explains, typically we have one leadership style that dominates our personality. Followed by another one or two. Then, we likely have a style that could use some work in us. The ultimate goal in learning about each is finding the right balance to match your personality. Also to understand where others are coming from in their approach. A side note, when my husband and I took the Leadership Style Quiz, we had completely different leadership styles. No big surprise to us!


Readers take a quiz to determine your leadership styles. Then, the book offers a ton of examples of how people lead using each type. You also see the strengths and weaknesses of using each style of leadership. There are questions at the end of each chapter, making it an excellent tool to use in a group setting. This book is an excellent, thorough resource.


I received a copy of The Four Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership, written by Jenni Catron as a member of the book's launch team. Italicized quotes are from the book. The opinions expressed here are my own. 


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