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1. The moment you were born, my whole world shifted.

2. I have a heart full of your baby moments.
3. That same heart holds moments from the toddler and early school years.
4. Nothing beats celebrating a first with you.
5. Sometimes I’ll look back at younger pictures of you and I’d give most anything for another day of that stage. 


6. Looking back, I'm thankful I let you (mostly) dress yourself. These photos make for great memories.
7. A large piece of my heart really does walk around outside of me.
8. My heart softened towards those who would never know motherhood.
9. My heart broke for mothers who suffer through the death of a child.
10. I hated divorce even more when I realized how much it could hurt a child.
11. I love foster parents.
12. I'm in awe of the bond that develops between a parent and their adopted child.
13. I do not know how single parents do it.
14. Child Abuse leaves me full of anger.
15. I don't know what to do when national tragedies strike. When I don't know what to do, I pray.
16. When I learn of sick children, I feel tremendous gratitude for your health.
17. Social justice became about actual people and not just numbers.
18. When I hear about abandoned children, I pray our family will always stay together.
19. I don't want you to have to bury me.
20. I grieved the loss of my own father at a different level.
21. I feel the deepest sense of pride over your accomplishments.
22. I get all weepy when I think about the good work of teachers.
23. I'm thankful for a school where parents are encouraged to be involved.
24. I work harder on my marriage.
25. I love my husband well so you'll know how to do that.
26. I keep myself open to the love of my husband so you'll see the blessings of that as well.
27. I felt an undeniable longing to give you a country upbringing like I had.
28. I lost interest in the adventures of big city living.
29. Taking you to the library never gets old.
30. I want you to crave the wild adventures that can only be found in a good book.
31. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you in Muck boots trouncing around in our yard.
32. I firmly believe every person should own a pair of cowboy boots and Mucks.
33. Animals and nature took on greater meaning when I realized your love for them.
34. I (tried to) lay aside my fear of snakes so you wouldn’t develop the phobia yourself.
35. I realize now what living on a farm teaches you about life and death.
36. I want you to always have a healthy awareness of where your food comes from.
37. I determined you must know the importance of kindness.
38. It occurs to me there are several things more important than your GPA.
39. I want to live a life without fear in case you decide to follow my example.
40. I cringe at the thought of anyone ever hurting your feelings.
41. I realized mothering never ends.
42. I've so enjoyed getting to know you.
43. I gained a new best friend.
44. If you someday wear makeup or a bikini, I want you to do so for all the right reasons.
45. I want you to be fully aware of how to drink responsibly.
46. Although I enjoy doing things without you on occasion, a part of me is sad to experience things alone I know you'd enjoy.
47. You have the potential to hurt my feelings and break my heart.
48. You are God’s first but I cannot imagine how I’d ever give you up.
49. Family ties became more important than any grievances.
50. I'm thankful for the great cousin memories you already have.
51. I hope you have tons more cousin moments.
52. The importance of travel grew as I wanted you to realize the actual world is bigger than your small place in it.
53. Your laugh makes my heart sing like nothing else can.
54. I couldn’t be more thankful to God for giving you the gift of music. Your toys rarely talked with one another, they sang!
55. Your imagination and creativity on paper often blow me away.
56. Nothing beats watching you on a stage.
57. Your tears hurt me too.
58. I realize the importance of consistency in discipline.
59. I do a better job at living in the present.
60. Mostly I don't mind when you take over every corner of our home with your art and your decorated boxes and just all your stuff.



61. Frustration mounts in me too when I see you struggle to learn how to ride a bike, ice skate or swim the length of the pool.
62. No one celebrates your successes more than your daddy and me.
63. I remind myself often to not be lazy because I have an example to set for you.
64. We determined early on to let you try all kinds of food so your palette would be open to exploring.
65. My faith grew even more important because I knew it was the best thing I could hand down to you.
66. I have a better understand of how much the Father longs to give us good things.
67. My prayer life has grown immensely.
68. I pray for the little boy who will someday be your husband, the one you can't date until you're 30.
69. I love your prayers and your spiritual questions.
70. I don’t ever want the church to hurt you.
71. I want your view of church to be a vital part of your community so leaving her never crosses your mind.
72. I am on the lookout for signs of your spiritual growth more than anything else.
73. I want you to realize there are lots of ways to worship Jesus.
74. I'm beyond thankful for the men and women at church that love on you.
75. Getting my feelings hurt pales in comparison to the thought of someone hurting you.
76. I’ll never again care about having the last ice cream bar. The last piece of chocolate is a different story.
77. I watch movies and listen to songs with different eyes and ears now because I care about what your eyes and ears take in.
78. I work hard to be a better listener so that I can keep you talking to me.
79. I fear your teenage years.
80. I hope you never need a boy to prove your self worth.
81. I hope you see Paris someday.
82. I realize a healthy self-confidence is something to be celebrated.
83. I realize there’s a fine line between self-confidence and prideful. 
84. It amazes me how much I need quiet and “me time.”
85. I never realized how selfish I could be.
86. I used to think I was pretty good at patience.
87. I'm thankful for your friends.
88. I'm thankful for the friends I have now because of you.
89. Waking you up every morning is one of my greatest gifts.
90. Coffee in the morning also tops the list.
91. I can speak clearly about what it's like to have an only child.
92. I hope someday you marry into a great big family and we're invited to holiday dinners.
93. I'm more thankful for my own mother.
94. I have a greater appreciation for the role of a dad in a little girl's life.
95. I'm thankful your dad shows you how stuff works.
96. Seeing the toolbox he bought you (and supplied with tools from his own collection) brings a smile to my face.
97. I've learned to appreciate the different ways your daddy parents you. 
98. I'm thankful for grandparents who love you and invest in you.
99. I see an ocean of grace in the parenting process.
100. Some days I don't want you to ever grow up, yet I can't wait to see your future unfold.
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