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What We Can All Do On November 9th

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No matter what happens on November 8th, November 9th will be an ordinary day.


We’ll wake up to the time set on our alarm clocks. If you usually strike your snooze button, you might hit it an extra time or two due to staying up late to watch the initial election results.


For our daughter, Wednesday is computer lab day. We don’t have to double-check we packed her library books, or make sure she has the right shoes and clothing for gym class. It’s an easy day of getting ready for school. She’s on an Eggo kick right now, so breakfast won’t be any trouble. About 7:15, the school bus picks her up and she’ll be on her way.


The morning cup of coffee will be much appreciated. Eventually, we all head off to work or school or settle in for a day of work from home. Lean in close, Little Red Hen, the sky is not falling. The really good stuff happens right in our neighborhoods. The real change starts with you, in your ordinary days.


No matter what happens on November 8th, continue showing up. When you cast your vote on Election Day, you did your part. For goodness sake, stop flooding my Facebook wall with political posts and tell me about your day! Show me pictures of your children and your pets. Post a photo of what you had for lunch at a new restaurant. Share a recipe. Let’s put the social back in social media again.


On November 9th, maybe you can break away from your routine to have coffee with a friend. My neighbor came over for coffee recently and I threw a raspberry-filled Butter Braid pastry in the oven. It’s a fancy treat I usually save for special occasions. I’m learning though - having a good friend who lives down the street, and getting together once in a while to catch up on life, is a special occasion.


Where I live, there will already be talk of deer season, so the hunters might take a few minutes to assess their hunting gear on November 9th. Make sure the tree stand is still, well, standing.


In every neighborhood, every church, there are men and women who are lonely. Find them. Leave the business of Washington DC to the residents there. Find someone who needs your smile and offer it willingly.


Perhaps some of you will volunteer in a classroom on November 9th. There's a lot of lonely ones there too. I’m not sure there’s a more rewarding thing you could do than help at your child’s school. At the end of the school day, many of us spend our afternoon with kids. My daughter always comes home starving. She opens up the pantry door and scrounges around for a snack or two. I canned my first batch of grape juice this summer, and maybe I'll open the first jar that afternoon so we can try it together. I'll grab her school folder out of her backpack and we can discuss her day. Whatever your after-school looks like, put your phone down and listen to your children (I’m talking to myself here too).


I’ll cook something for dinner that night or we might go to a local restaurant for Wings-Day (fifty cent wings always tempt me). The conversation around your table doesn’t have to center around the election. Maybe you could talk about three good things that happened to each of you that day.


November 9th is Bible study Wednesday for me. Believe me, when these ladies gather with me around the table at our local library, we won’t utter one word about politics. We’ll open with prayer, like we do every week, then study Scripture. We’re only looking for one thing-more of Jesus.


If we’re lucky, there might be a World Series game on that evening. It won’t be my Detroit Tigers (this year), but I’ll take listening to a baseball game over a political debate any day.


There is so much living to do, right where you live. No matter what happens on November 8th, let’s focus on that come November 9th.


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