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A Prayer For Whatever 2017 Brings


A Prayer For Whatever


I’ve seen several posts on social media wishing 2016 good riddance. Bring on the new! 2017 has got to be better.

We’ve lost too many celebrities.

Those who didn’t vote for the President entering the Oval Office.

Friends who spent much of their year caring for sick family members.

Loved ones who lost loved ones.

I’m still praying for a few marriages that seem to be disintegrating… but God.


I get it. However, life has taught me 2017 will have its ups and downs too; that seems to be the way of things. Personally, our family had some great moments in 2016.

It took some time, but we have a reader on our hands. If our eight-year old gets her hands on the right book (for her), she doesn’t put it down until the final page.

We attended the Grand Ole Opry for the first time. So amazing, and it won’t be our last visit.

My family is healthy.

We had several guests in our home and enjoyed each and every visit.

I set out to write articles for some blogging communities, not just on my own blog. This goal has met with success.


The truth is, we don’t know what 2017 has to offer. I prefer to focus on what I do know-God works all things together for good to those who love him. The way to love him (more) is to know him (more). I’d encourage you to join me in making this our focus next year, and always.

Dear God,

I give 2017 to you. Open my eyes to all the ways you are at work in my life every day. Show me how to be your hands and feet in every situation I encounter. Give me greater compassion in an expanded territory; so through me, people can know more of your love. Prepare my heart for the times I’m downtrodden this year. Teach me during these times, you draw near. When times are incredibly good in 2017, help me share the joy. We all need to hear about the good in a family’s life, and I don’t want to hesitate in praising you for all the goodness. Lord, I’ll continue to start every day reading from your word, Genesis through Revelation. In Scripture, you show me you’re always with us. No matter what this new year brings, let me ever feel your presence. Amen


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