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I'm delighted to share this piece over at Her View From Home. It's a wonderful, supportive group of writers, and you'll find lots of other great material there.


Birthdays have a way of coming around every year. In a few days, we’ll cook up your favorite meal, put candles on a cake and make you wait until the table is cleared before you can open your presents. This will be your ninth birthday, and I am in awe of how much change I see in you every day.


You’re not a little girl anymore.

A few months back, we put away the wooden step stool that we kept in your bathroom so you could reach the sink. It took me weeks to carry it out to the garage and up on a shelf, but in the end, there was no reason not to. I see your changes most in pictures. Long legs and long, blonde hair. Barely any signs of the little girl I saw in our family photos for years – although I still see her in the images I’ve captured in my mind. Your eyes show a kindness and a wisdom. You’ve found a smile to express your truest self. Seeing you now in pictures makes my heart go wild.

To read the rest of this article, head over to Her View From Home.

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