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As a mom, a big part of my faith walk includes finding ways to encourage my daughter to walk in faith beside me. I want Easter to be about a lot more than a cute bunny! That's why I get so excited when I come across books like this, Make Room: A Child's Guide to Lent & Easter

During Lent we make time to be with God.


Lent lasts for forty days and forty nights, plus six Sundays... Forty days is a long time. But it takes time to get ready.


At supper we cross our arms this way and pray that the Kingdom of God will come. I wonder how this will happen? Maybe the Kingdom of God starts very small but grows bigger and bigger so slowly we hardly notice.

Breathtaking words. I wish I could show you the beautiful illustrations, even the way the words are displayed on each page.


Well, I am going to show one of you. I have one of these books to give away! Let's do the giveaway this weekend, and then I'll get it in the mail right away so you can have it in time for Lent, which starts March 1. Enter here!


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I received all of these goodies from Paraclete Press in exchange for some blog posts promoting the items. These are all tremendous books, exactly the quality I’ve come to expect from Paraclete. A big thanks to them for giving me the opportunity to share them with you.

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