Devotional Ideas For Lent
My First Ash Wednesday Service

Lord, May I Forever Be A Church Lady



May I forever be a church lady,

Delivering meals, throwing wedding & baby showers;

Crying at baptisms and beaming with pride

When one of our kids plays in the worship band 

For the very first time.


Sending cards-both get-well and sympathy;

Calling to check on those I've been missing;

Making hospital visits from time to time;

Sweet Jesus, let me hold all the babies

(Handing them back should they start crying).


We gathered today for a baby shower,

And I swear it was just the other day,

The mama was a wee one herself. 

Then, she babysat our wee ones- 

I couldn't help but feel like things had come full circle.


That's the reward for us church ladies,

The faithful I saw seated around the living room today;

We see the seeds of faith we helped sow

Grow into a full-fledged faith,

The church ladies of our future.


So make me forever a church lady;

Let me experience moments like these all the rest of my days.

If I may be so bold, Lord, I have one more request- 

Make my little girl a church lady too,

Because she grew up knowing one.


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