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You Are My Place


You are my place. 

Right beside you, seated at the computer researching the next thing.

A life of patience learned from watching you consider all the angles- 

the only end result that matters is your enthusiasm and satisfaction-

I'm always wanting these things for you.



Across the table from you at the latest mom-and-pop place.

Perched on a barstool or lounging in a cozy chair,

Soulful music, a good book, creative bites, sips of local pleasure-

Micro-this and Farm-to-Table that;

You and me.



Back there, behind the proverbial curtain, apart from anything social media might tell me,

I have a one-man fan club. 

You don’t read all my articles, the deeps of theology aren’t your thing.

Yet, your cheers ring out the loudest when I succeed.

The next opportunity I find always meets with your support.



At home, daily life in the four walls that make our place,

Raising a daughter together.

I cannot imagine going at this alone, 

We talk over every part of her becoming,

All the ways we help her find her place. 



You’re always up for the next road trip,

Or watching some indie movie on our TV at home.

In a faraway place or on our back-porch place,

I’m content doing it all with you.

You are my place.


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