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He didn’t mean anything by it. I had my head buried in a book, when my husband casually said these five words,

You don’t really need anyone.

What he meant was books always make me happy. I have many friends I’ve met through the years on the pages of a book. I assure him it’s not true of course. I need him very much.


To my husband, Here are 50 reasons I need you (although there are thousands more):

1) I need you to split a plate with me when we eat out at restaurants.


2) I need you because I discovered one can purchase apple trees from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, and so I ordered three, and have no idea how to plant them. But you do.


3) I need you to do this month’s Kiwi Crate Tinker Crate with our little girl, because when I read the word “hydraulic” on the box, I knew I was out.


4) I need you to shut the chicken coop door at dusk, so it’s not always my turn.


5) I need you on your side of the bed each night, because last week when you were gone, it felt empty.


To read the other 45 reasons I need my husband, come visit me at Her View From Home.


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