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Her View From Home: I Won't Celebrate Mother's Day



Mother’s Day. I won’t celebrate this holiday. Not if I’m celebrating it without you. All of you women.


Can I tell you a story? My daughter was just a baby. We attended a Wednesday morning Bible study. A new girl came to Bible study this particular day. She seemed a little sad. Like the days were hard on her. As we settled in, she shared a part of her story. Just a few short months before, she’d had a little girl too. Her second child. Her pregnancy was progressing as normal. And then it wasn’t. Her baby was diagnosed with Trisomy 18. Kari gave birth to Kylie on August 18th, 2007. Her daughter lived for 32 minutes.


That day at Bible study, Kari still carried all the pain of her loss. She’d come to Bible study hoping to find some peace from our Great Comforter. She wasn’t sure it would work, but she bravely gave it a try. After sharing her story, Kari turned to me. My own daughter, only a few months old, was chatting contentedly. Kari turned to me, tears in her eyes.

Do you mind if I hold your baby?


I'm pleased to be sharing my words, and the stories of two dear friends, over at Her View From Home today. Please head on over and read the rest of my piece there.


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