I Won't Celebrate Father's Day
I'm Not Totally Messing Up As A Parent

Her View From Home: Dear Daddy - You're Never Forgotten



Dear Daddy,

I miss you. You’ve been gone from this world for eleven years, and I still miss you multiple times a day. That longing, the grief over losing a parent, is part of me. Like an extra layer I wear under my regular clothes, covering up my heart.


When I remember you, I want the memories to be complicated. I don’t know if that makes sense or not. You were complicated, with lots of things I would have changed about you if I could (especially in the last few years). Yet, I loved you fiercely. The instant I heard your voice,”Hi baby girl,” a part of me was five-years-old again.


Please know I share stories about you with our daughter. Probably not enough, but I do. I mentioned to her just the other day that your favorite candy bar was a Baby Ruth.

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