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I went to a wedding recently. Weddings make me happy. They're so full of hope and joy and cake. This event was extra special because it gave me an opportunity to catch up with friends I don't see very often, but I enjoy seeing them very much when I do.


One couple arrived a few minutes before the ceremony started. We were already seated but there was room by me, so my friend and I motioned for them to make their way to us. I hadn't seen them in months, but I'd heard the wife had suffered a few more minor strokes. She'd gotten quite frail in body, but her spirit was still soaring. It only took one glance for me to tell that was true. She had placed her hand in the crook of her husband's arm, and he was guiding her to a seat sure and steady. Slowly, ever so slowly, they made their way to our row. For a moment, she had to release her hold on his arm and transfer her one good working arm to the chair in front of her. He stood strong right behind her. Without even giving it a thought, I reached my arms out to catch her from the front, should she need it.


My word, she looked beautiful. Not a hair out of place, and I'm thinking she had on some makeup. I wonder now who helped her get ready that morning? It likely took a while and I don't know if he's learned to do hair and makeup? She made it to her seat and we spoke a few sentences before the wedding got started. She must have felt accomplished to be seated there among friends that day. Nothing comes easy anymore.


Afterward, we all stood in a group chatting, waiting in line for our turn to congratulate the bride and groom. Out of the corner of my eye, I noted the husband who'd sat by me had stepped aside to put something in their car. It occurred to me, someone must be standing with his wife, helping her stay steady on her feet. I looked around to find her, and she had linked arms with another person. A friend of theirs. The two men had taught at the same high school together for more than 20 years. They'd probably been friends for going on 40 years. When the husband had to leave for a few minutes, his friend offered his arm to the woman in need. These images settled deep inside me. I won't soon forget them.


We're inundated with messages. When I write something online, it's one of thousands of posts you can choose to read. Some of these posts are funny. Sometimes they're about motherhood or parenthood or marriage or work or church or fill-in-your-blank. There are those who always share great recipes or take the most amazing photos. From time to time I'm jealous of other's work. Yet, God has whispered a reminder to my soul. When you do take a moment to read my thoughts, here's what I want you to take away.


I want you to find me faithful.


I want you to know I love Jesus more than I can possibly put words to. I want you to realize he is the answer to every question I've ever asked. I want to remind you (and myself) that while this Christian walk may be messy, it is absolutely worth it. I want you to think about the influence of church and other faith writers and the Bible and your own relationships on how you live as a believer. I want you to be confident that every word I share comes from a heart that wants to help you grow in your faith. I want to tell you stories because I believe stories help change the world (Jesus was a great storyteller). I want to help foster a community of believers who wouldn't hesitate to offer their arm to another person who gets wobbly without assistance. I want to live out these images I saw at the wedding, a partner to my spouse in every sense of the word, and I want to count on him to do the same. In sickness and in health. I want to hear those words from my Savior someday, "Well done, good and faithful servant." That's all I really want.


I Want You to Find Me Faithful
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