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A Tribute To A Godly Couple #marriage #goldenanniversary #christiancouple


They walk into church on Sunday,

He doesn’t move as quickly as he used to. 

These days, she’s taking the lead.


Anytime I speak to him, we talk baseball. 

A Tigers win, a great pitching dual, 

Or whose bat needs to heat up.


As for her, how do I describe this woman of strength and wisdom?

A Christian sister but more than that;

My Hebrews 11 real, live hero of the faith.


Their marriage points to godliness.

I've often wondered what their secret might be.


Is it in their water?

Is their faith that much stronger?


God whispers it's no secret…

Every day they make a choice to say yes;

to God, to their church, to their family, to one another.


They’ve been doing that for a lot of years now.

I hope they realize it matters; it’s noticed.

That God is surely pleased with their kind of faithful.




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