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On this, their fiftieth wedding anniversary


On This  Their


There’s a strength that comes from knowing

you have one who’s not going anywhere - until death do us part.



What great confidence this truth offers

as it sends one out into the world.



Partner that with Father Time,

precious few of us find this anymore.

Nobody seems to stay together.


Perhaps that’s why it’s hard for me to wrap

my mind around fifty years.

A lifetime.


That’s the reason we should shout it from the rooftops,

dance in the streets and declare a holiday.



Fifty years ago, my in-laws said “I do,”

and they’ve done, and are doing and will do forever.

Those who know them have no doubt.


When I stare this accomplishment in the face,

congratulations are surely in order.

Hip Hip Hooray!


But more, I humbly offer this phrase,

Because you don't see a love like that… very often… 

Thank you.


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